Monday, November 24, 2008

Put 'Em On Your Head!

Mark's family (and I mean entire extended family) does a bizarre thing every year at Thanksgiving. Mark's grandmother, Ruth, gets all of the sons and grandsons boxers for Thanksgiving. When they get their boxers they all chant "Put 'em on your head" and then they all proceed to put the boxers on their heads. After being at several of these Thanksgivings, it has become less weird to me. You can imagine my reaction the first time I witnessed this while we were dating. Anyways, I still dont get it, but whatever. This is the family I have married into.

This mantra of "Put 'em on your head" does carry over into other aspects of life, besides Thanksgiving boxers. Every now and then, at odd moments, the chant begins. So, of course Mark felt the need to pass this tradition on to our children.

I had left a pair of bloomers out on the floor, only to walk into the room to this....

Look familiar?? Maybe something like this.....

Anyways, now she is obsessed with putting these bloomers on her head. She brings them over to us to put them on her head, mainly because she cant figure it out herself yet. Then comes the glamour shots.

So, what does a naked baby do once she has her bloomers on her head? Why, of course, she grooves to the classic rock station on the radio. (I was trying to get the shot with out getting her lady parts on camera. Due to this restriction you cant get see the full grooving she was doing. Sorry. This is a public blog and all.)

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Brian and Katie Whitt said...

where is maddie's scar going?!?! she won't even know she has one by the time she gets old enough to listen to her heart surgery story. if it weren't for our pictures she will think we made the whole thing up.