Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mom=Problem Solver

Now that the girls are getting older and interacting more with each other and the things around them, it seems I am having to use my problem solving skills several times a day. They seem to get themselves, and other objects, in places that they just should not be. Since they do not know how to remedy the situation yet that is when the screaming usually begins, alerting me to an issue. Kind of like the Batman signal in the air or the church bells ringing for Zorro.


Solution: This one was easy. I was alerted by the crying, as you can see. Ruthie had gotton into Maddie's box. It is barely big enough to fit 1 of them, yet alone 2 of them. I promptly removed Ruthie from the box and everyone was happy again.
Problem #2:

This is our Playskool ball popper. The girls love this toy. Ruthie has just learned how to press the red button and make it pop the balls all by herself. She is very proud of herself once the music starts and those balls start popping. Since it is self-titled a "ball popper", one would assume that it will only pop balls that are put in it, and that all other objects will only clog up the ball popper. See below.

Notice the un-round objects that are clearly not balls inside the ball popper.

Solution: Alerted by the annoying music of this object and then crying is the usually signal for this problem. I have to turn the entire ball popper upside down to remove shape pieces, puzzle pieces and today I even found an eye patch that Ruthie took off. It is always an adventure what we find in the ball popper. Once it is cleared of all objects, other than balls, the fun continues.

Problem #3:

This is our Fisher Price Shapes Cookie Jar. The girls dont put the shapes into the cookie jar through the shape cut outs around the cookie jar yet. They prefer to pick up the lid and take the pieces out this way. Every night I put all the shape pieces back into the cookie jar and empty out whatever may be in there. Like this.

Clearly there is not a nasal aspirator shaped hole on the cookie jar, so this does not belong. It is also common to find puzzle pieces in here, along with the animals from their Farmer Tad Fridge Magnets.

As my sister has stated several times about my nephew, Jamison, I am slightly concerned about how much we are going to have to pay for their education if this continues.

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Brian and Katie Whitt said...

you know, Lily has had that ball popper for years and never stuffed anything down it that wasn't one of the balls.
Jamison, on the other hand, has done similar things as Ruthie and Maddie. Usually it's puzzle pieces or crayons.