Monday, October 27, 2008

One Way Street

Meet Bailey, one of our boxers. Bailey is very affectionate towards the girls. There are some days that Bailey is playing with the girls and she gives me a nasty look that I interpret as, "If you hadnt taken my mommy parts, I would be such a better mom than you." But as it stands, I birthed these children, and not her....much to her dismay.

Bailey tends to lick quite a bit. Like I said, she is very affectionate. Both of the girls dont seem to be bothered by it. We have run into a problem with Ruthie though.

Unfortunately (of or maybe for your viewing sake, fortunately), my camera isnt fast enough to catch the problem. Bailey licks Ruthie, so Ruthie assumes she can lick Bailey. Today was a little out of control. Maybe Bailey is highly attracted to her bright blue eye patch, I dont know, but they have been licking each other all afternoon. Rationalizing with Ruthie hasnt worked either. Can you believe that a 1 year old pirate doesnt understand, "Bailey can lick you, but you cant lick Bailey" or "Ruthie isnt a doggy, so you dont lick"? She even gets Bailey to lick her by getting close to Bailey's face and sticking her own tongue in and out until Bailey licks her.

If Ruthie thinks she is a dog, I may use it to my advantage. Both of my dogs are I could save some money on diapers if Ruthie learned how to use the doggy door.


Beth said...

I see the same problem in my future except it will be pug hair covered kisses! They say dog's mouths are cleaner than ours! My problem is Belle has an affinity for poop...

Abs and Jason said...

Yay for boxers and babies! We should have a boxer and baby play date... Ok maybe that's too optimistic. At least we should have a baby play date again soon.