Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Early Onset Bulimia

I imagine this has to be my fault some how. Maybe it was because I always called Maddie "the little one" and now she is packing on the pounds and feeling a little self-conscious. Maybe it is because she has watched one too many episodes of The Hills...I don't know. Maddie is currently obsessed with gagging herself. She normally prefers to use her fingers to see how far she can get them down her throat until she gags, and if successful, puke. Her ideal time to do this is when I am driving, and obviously cant get to her. For this reason I keep a small collection of toys in the passengers seat that I literally throw at her, while driving, in hopes of distracting her from gagging herself. It makes it a little hard to concentrate on driving when all you hear are gagging noises coming from the backseat. Sometimes she gets bored with gagging herself with her fingers, so she uses random objects to gag herself. See below. Notice the concern on Ruthie's face.

I know you probably have a couple of questions. Let me answer them. First, what could she possibly be using to gag herself?

Yes, she is using a stuffed toy attached to one of her books. I hope this isn't a commentary on how she feels about God loving babies, because that will be a whole another issue we will have to deal with.

Ok, so maybe that wasn't your first question. Maybe your first question was why in the world I would grab my camera instead of stop my child from gagging herself. Let me start with I have a history of taking pictures of children in harmful situations instead of helping them. Please refer to my sister's blog for any further questions about my history. http://whittsville.blogspot.com/2008/07/is-this-boy-thing.html . Also, please take into consideration the child does this ALL day. She laughs at me as I try to stop her from doing it, as if it is a fun, new game I am playing with her.

Needless to say, we are hiding the laxatives from her and cutting her off from her Cosmo subscription.


Blake & Danielle said...

What a small world! What a small street even!! Who knew Oct. 7th had such significance. Praise God for your healthy miracles. I am sure praising Him for making it this far with mine. Maybe we should make a movie..."Miracles on PCTC (I won't DARE write out our street name...it is too long anyway)

Blake & Danielle said...

Now,as for the bulimia...I don't even know where to go with that...:)

The Stultses said...

That is hilarious! I have to come hang out with you guys again soon. And Katie called you OUT! lol

jzayara said...

Ha! Molly went through the "babylemia" phase about a month ago. She got bored :-p