Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Sneak Preview

Wednesday night our church hosted Trunk or Treat. It worked out well for me because I could get the girls dressed up early since I am leaving to go out of town this weekend. We went with a cliche....but a cute cliche.

Yay for Thing 1 and Thing 2! And of course The Cat in the Hat. The Cat in the Hat seemed like a great idea until it got a little dark and the girls didnt recognize Mark. They proceeded to scream whenever he tried to pick up either one of them. I guess we didnt think that one completely through. That cut our Trunk or Treating time down to 30 minutes. It was a good 30 minutes though.

Then came time to clean out the blue hair spray and hair gel. Despite what you think, Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo doesnt do a deep clean. Maybe it is the tear-free solution that ruins the deep clean. So, after 2 babies getting scrubbed down in the bathtub, this is what our bathtub looked like.

FYI...the bath is the water should be clear...which it obviously is not.


Blake & Danielle said...

Oh good! Now I feel like I was able to partake in the Sullivans Halloween experience! Makes my day!!

Bowsman Family said...

LOVE the costumes! Such cute little girls.