Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ahoy there, from the Sullivan house! No, Ruthie is not preparing for Halloween early or channeling Captain Feathersword....

she is attempting to avoid another eye surgery.

I took Ruthie to her opthamologist today because I was noticing her right eye starting to drift in a little. Turns out it was drifting in about 3 degrees more than it was at her last check up. They checked her again for glasses, and she still doesn't need them, which was a relief. Instead, we got the patch.

( This is a different patch, because Maddie helped Ruthie pull off the other one and was eating it)

We have to patch for 2 hours a day, while she is awake. The hope is to strengthen her right eye. If it isn't better for our December 1st appointment then we have to do surgery again. We got some samples from the doctor that I was trying out tonight to see which ones fit better. Unfortunately they only had boy patches in the small size, so the camo one is a little masculine. The next size up they had in girl styles and she seems to have a more difficult time taking those off. Such hard decisions to make when picking an eye patch for your child.

Getting my 1 year old to keep this sucker on should be interesting.

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