Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's Flippin' Crazy!

So, the girls have a new trick. They love to flip! Every night after bath time they get naked and go nuts in their room, crawling/walking everywhere and giggling. Once I can wrangle them into their diapers, Mark gets on the floor and plays with them to wear them out before bed. Maddie was the first to flip the night before her surgery. I restricted her flipping for a while after surgery, but she insisted about 2 weeks after to begin her flipping again. Ruthie soon caught on.

Both of the girls put their heads down on the ground when they are ready to flip. It is kind of their cue to us to flip them. I dont think Ruthie completely gets the process though. She thinks she can flip by herself. She constantly gets into tripod position and attempts to flip. She even gets on her tip-toes trying to get the momentum to flip. It hasnt worked for her yet. She doesnt quite get that she needs to be near me or Mark for her to flip.

Notice there is no one around her t0o flip her. There are several times that I walk into the room and she is in this position, with no one around.

"I'm waiting....."


Jonathan said...

Too cute! Mark is really good with the girls.

Heather H.

Leslie said...

She was doing this in the nursery last night - I wondered if she was trying to flip!