Monday, August 3, 2009

Vacation: Ruthie and Maddie Style

I have my memories of vacation this year with the girls, but these were some out takes of the girls just being themselves that I couldnt resist posting.

Ruthie was in rare form playing on the bed one day.

The girl cracks me up!

Both the girls got a lot of reading time in with Grrmam, which they loved.

Ruthie even stopped texting for a few minutes to listen to Elmo's Potty Time book.

Leave it to Maddie to find trouble to get in to. If there was quiet, then she was getting into something.

All of the diapers being thrown all over the bed....

Newspaper being shredded....

At least she is cute while doing it.

More vacation pics to come. I just have to sort through them all!

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