Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Beach

When I thought about vacation this year at the lake I was so excited about the girls playing on the beach and in the lake. They love swimming and water. They love buckets. It is the perfect combination. Considering I spent my entire childhood playing at this lake, it felt like life was coming full circle. One of those memories I would cherish forever. Instead, this is what I got.

They hated playing in the lake. In fact, they wouldnt even go near the water without screaming. And the sand! Wow! You would think I was making them walk on shards of glass when they had to put their feet in the sand. It was a disaster. I was determined that we were going to have family time at the beach, if they liked it or not.

We were able to distract Ruthie with some sort of a game that involved collecting rocks on the beach and putting them in a cup. That held her attention and stopped the screaming for about 20 minutes.

Me: "Here Maddie! Play with the rocks with Sissy!"


Maddie: "Oh, play with rocks? I thought you said socks! I will play with rocks."

Maddie: "Wait! I hate rocks! And socks! AHHHHHHHH.....NO!"

She was finally made content by sitting in the chair with Maddie Mostoller eating Cheetos.

The one thing that was a big hit with both of the girls was the jet skis.

Who knows? Maybe next year will go a little better on the beach! If not I will just bring more Cheetos.


Lila said...

It actually is full circle..I seem to recall a little girl who screamed all the time and hated sand at age 2-3...Who could that have been??????

Elizabeth said...

I love that you post about what life with kiddos is really about! I laugh out loud every time I read your blog- shards of glass!!!! Hilarious!