Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh, the Irony!

So, have I mentioned that my children love the Wiggles? Maybe you might have picked that up in a couple of my posts. Last year, when the girls were not even 1 year old we took them to go and see the Wiggles live. It went really well, even though they fell asleep for the last 15 minutes of it. So, of course, when I heard the Wiggles were coming back to town I had to get tickets. So, I convinced my mother to get them an early present and buy floor seats for the live show. You have seen the video of them dancing at our house, so I was so excited about them being able to dance in the aisles with the other kids at the show.

My dreams were almost ruined when I get an email confirmation from Ticketmaster confirming the show that day with a reminder email that all children over 1 year old must be ticketed. I had only bough 2 floor seats since the girls were going to be sitting in our laps. I frantically called the venue and a nice lady there came up with the ingenious idea for when we get to the show to just buy 2 of the cheapest balcony seats they have ($20 a pop) to get in the door and then keep them on our laps at our floor seats. Crisis averted.

We headed downtown for the show.

Did our pose in front of Anthony's drumset again....

and waited for the show to start. Some brilliant marketing guy had put programs on all of the seats that had games and pictures for the kids. It was the perfect diversion for our children until the show started.

Maddie was pointing at the Wiggles sign that was lighting up that she was obsessed with.

Then the show started! Lights down, music on and out come the characters! We had PHENOMENAL seat.

Look how close we were to our Aussie friends!

What could possibly ruin this family moment for us?

>Madilyn Jane.

The moment the lights went down and the music came on the child completely lost it! I am talking screaming, clinging on to me for dear life yelling, "No, Mamma, No!" in between the tears. The first song they sang was "Rock-A-Bye-Your-Bear" and there was nothing but blood curdling screaming. So, I took her out in the hall to try and calm her down. Minutes later I was followed out by my husband who was sopping wet. Ruthie had peed all over his shirt. So, he took his shirt off and had his undershirt on with Maddie while I changed Ruthie. By the time I made it out of the bathroom with Ruthie, Mark was outside the bathroom drenched again. Maddie had peed on his undershirt...and was still screaming. So, I sent my pee-soaked husband back into the show with Ruthie and stayed out with Maddie.

She did ok out in the hallway for a little bit. She kept trying to peek around the curtain when she would hear the songs. Then I would ask her, "Do you want to see the Wiggles?" and she would burst into tears and scream, "No, Mamma, no!" Then Maddie decided she wanted her "sissy", but she didnt want to go back into the show. It was a dilemma for a 2 year old, so her solution was to have a complete meltdown. I went in and got Mark and we left 30 minutes into the show.

Parenting lessons learned from this adventure.

#1. Never assume your children will like anything based on a previous behavior

#2. Bring a change of clothes for Mark when going out on family adventure

#3. Priceless moments actually do have a pricetag. This one was $135.


marathonmommy said...

Ouch is all I can say to that. Who would've thought?

On another note, your girls couldn't have cared less about Tyler's red dog today...they were so good!

Blake and Danielle said...

I am so terribly sorry...