Sunday, August 9, 2009

Flexible...Not Unbreakable

Something doesnt look right here......

Hmmmm....what could it be?

Oh, maybe the fact that my almost 2 year old tore apart her glasses? Great! Who needs to be able to see? Who cares that they were actual glasses and not play glasses from the dollar store?

She actually has done so well with her glasses, but I dont think she is completely to blame for the broken glasses. Her glasses were fine until Friday when I put them on the patio table while she was swimming in the pool. I went in the house to grab something and when I came back I saw Maddie sitting on the table and Ruthie's glasses bent into very strange position. Maddie automatically gave me her "uh-oh, Momma" line. I was able to twist them back into a shape that resembled glasses and ran Ruthie back to Vanderbilt to see if they could fix them before the weekend. Alas, they could not! They ordered some new frames for her, but they were still wearable, just very loose on her. Then, this morning in the car I turned around to see that they were in 2 pieces.

They made it a whole month and a half! New frames wont be in for 5 business days, so Ruthie is glasses-less until then!

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