Friday, July 24, 2009

Camp Hunt

Camp Hunt: Where Friendships Begin. It is also where complete exhaustion kicks in. That isnt on their t-shirt for some reason!
We just returned from our 5 days up at Camp Hunt and we leave tomorrow for our family vacation. Nothing says vacation like running around like a mad woman with two toddlers! You may be wondering what it looks like to pack for 5 days at a camp with toddlers. Something like this.

You cant see the 4 suitcases behind all of this junk, but they are there. Along with the two pack n plays. Oh, and this was before I had to put the portable high chairs in there. I think you get the point.

My nephew, Jamison, posing by the old Camp Hunt sign. Camp Hunt is the summer church camp that I have gone to my entire life. Now that I am obviously too old to be a camper, I go back and teach Bible class for a week with my sister. We come with baggage, otherwise known as our combined four children. We were very fortunate this year that the entire kitchen staff was camping out in campers down by Grindley Auditorium, so Diehl Lodge was pretty empty. We were able to let the girls have their own room, Jamison his own room and Lily bunked in with Katie and I in our room. We could not have asked for better sleeping arrangements.

This year was VERY different than last year. When I took the girls up last year ( ) they were barely crawling. This year they could run around all over the place. We set up Kiddie Central right in front of Diehl Lodge, which is where we sleep.

You can see the trail of disaster that they left in their path every day. Their play area had such a great location because we could see them if we went into the Lodge, if we went to the Mess Hall or if we went to the new Dorthy Page Health Center.

So what did they do all day? Alot of swinging.

And a lot of climbing.

But not nearly as much as they wandered aimlessly around camp grounds.

Ruthie's big thing was to push whatever she could find as far away as she could.

Here she is pushing her stroller with her sister in the Jean Wiebe Memorial Garden. They LOVED playing over there and smelling the flowers. I know Jean would have gotton a kick out of them.

She took Jaime's truck for a walk also.

When I say that she wondered far away, I feel as if you need perspective. For example, Ruthie is actually in the picture below. She is to the left of the tree on the other side of the drive.

Thanks to the power of my zoom lens I could keep an eye on her.

We also hung out quite a bit at the new Dorthy Page Health Care Center.

Oh! And apparently it looks as if Ruthie has wandered her way over to the porch. I wasnt joking about the roaming aimlessly. Both of the girls enjoyed walking over there and hanging out with every one on the porch. Ruthie just made herself at home.

For a little change in activities Katie brought up a slip and slide for the kids to play on. They were more interesting in the pool at the end of the slip and slide than in the slip and slide itself.

Any one that knew me when I went to camp knows that I always seemed to befriend the guys there, and usually dated some one new every year. So, why was I not surprised when I saw this.

Looks like the apple doesnt fall too far from the tree. This was completely unstaged, which makes it even cuter! They walked all the way from the Mess Hall to the Lodge holding hands. So sweet!

The worst part about the whole week was the fact that Maddie had some horrible diarrhea and an even worse diaper rash. She cried constantly from being in pain. We tried everything on that rash and couldnt get her any relief except for when we let her walk around in buff. So, part of our week looked like this.

Nothing says camping like a naked bottom!
Overall we had a great week, despite the diaper rash and pure exhaustion. I am so glad that my girls are beginning their camp memories now! Cant wait to make some more next year!

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