Monday, May 11, 2009

We're Going to Need More Minutes

It is amazing to me the things that the girls are starting to pick up. I am the first one to admit that I could quite possibly fall over and die if I didnt have my cell phone. So, it is no wonder that the girls know what a cell phone is. We actually bought them some play cell phones for Christmas that are still a hit. But, nothing is as good as the real thing.

Although Ruthie likes to be talked to on the phone, Maddie likes to talk on the phone. She has full on conversations that are completely not translatable. At dinner last night, Maddie sat through the entire dinner with her play cell phone to her ear, conveniently held by her shoulder, so she could continue to eat her chips and dip. It was the funniest thing.

Mark has been gone for the past few days to Harding to see his brother graduate. Maddie has taken this opportunity to bring me my phone several times and say, "DaDa". We then call him and she says "hi", "DaDa" and "bye". After we got off the phone she continued the conversation with him, despite him not being on the other line.

Thank goodness for the keypad lock function on my phone or we would be in big trouble!

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Brian and Katie Whitt said...

Brian voiced what I was already thinking - she talks on the phone as loud as her mother and grandmother. I think we have another Blankenbush....
Jamison will be thankful that there is another video post - thank you!