Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Passing the Time

The girls are finding ways to pass the time while we are up here in NY. We are pretty much running a daycare at my mom's house since we now have my two 20 month olds, my 2 year old nephew, 4 year old niece and a 6 month old baby that my sister is babysitting. Amongst the chaos, I will admit, sometimes we loose track of one....or two....or all of them.

Ruthie was quiet for a little while. I found this.

At least she is understanding the basic concepts of the process.

Since Katie is watching a baby, we pulled out the baby swing, which apparently Maddie was missing.

She always was my swing baby. She sat in there, swinging, and watched Elmo most of the night. She kindly kicked Ruthie and Jamison whenever they came by her to try to sit in the swing themselves.

They do get along when ice cream is involved though.

Lily showing off her amazing bubble blowing skills to Maddie. She was in awe of her big cousin. Granted, Lily can not tell them apart, so she refers to both of them as "my little cousin". When asked which one it is she finally admitted that she didnt know who was who.

The fun continues for a few more days!

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Kerry said...

The really ARE looking more alike! Holy crap! I can't tell who is who in those photos. Those doctors are SUCH "know-it-alls". :P