Saturday, December 6, 2008

You May Need To Look Twice

Every night, after the girls have their bath, we brush their hair. Ruthie has picked up on this pattern, and has become obsessed with brushing hair. It can be her hair or any one elses hair. Normally, we will brush her hair, then she will take the brush and brush my hair. She then walks over to Mark and brushes his hair. Then she attempts to chase Maddie to brush her hair. That usually ends in Maddie screaming at her. Then Ruthie sits and brushes her own hair, until the process begins again. I was attempting to get this whole thing on video, but this was all I could get.

Now, in case you havent noticed, I have 2 kids. What this means is if you are doing something with one of them, or focusing on only one of them, then you basically have no idea what is going on with the other one. That was the situation here.

If you re-watch the video, pay attention to Maddie in the back. The girls are not allowed to have their pacifiers outside of their beds. In the process of us trying to get Ruthie to do her hair brushing thing, Maddie was reaching into Ruthie's bed and getting Ruthie's pacifier. She then flaunted it around the room (you can see her smiling as she is walking behind me and even giggle a little), and then intentionally sits right next to me to show me that she has it. What you dont see on video is the complete melt down that Ruthie has as soon as she sees that Maddie has a pacifier.

Always something going on behind the scenes. The story of my life.

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Kerry said...

That was so funny! They are so cute...