Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Me and My Shadow

My mom came to visit for a couple of days last week while Mark went out of town to a friends wedding. It was great to have her here to visit and to help out. She had not seen the girls since October, so they had changed a lot.

Apparently distance does make the heart grow fonder, because Maddie became obsessed with my mother from the minute she walked in the door. She insisted that my mom hold her ALL of the time. Anytime my mom left the room, Maddie followed her, crying. Heaven forbid that Ruthie even go near my mom! That was promptly followed by screaming and crying. It was so strange.

This is my mother attempting to eat breakfast, and Maddie insisting on sitting in her lap the entire time (notice the little stink eye she is giving me).

Like a good grandmother, Grmaam came bearing gifts for the girls. A little stuffed animal for each of them. Maddie claimed them both as her own and wouldnt let Ruthie have either one of them. Apparently we need to spend a little more time on "What Would Jesus Do?" lessons with her.

On another note. We head back to good 'ole Vanderbilt tomorrow for another eye surgery for Ruthie. Please keep the procedure in your prayers. It is outpatient, so we will be home by late afternoon.

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sarahbethrucker said...

We're praying for Ruthie today!