Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good Old Vanderbilt!

Well, we ventured back to the wonderful world of Vanderbilt Children's Hospital again today. The goal today was Ruthie's second eye surgery. Unlike her last eye surgery, they only did her right eye today. The goal is to tighten her eye muscle so that it pulls her alignment in so she can line up the objects she sees out of her eyes. It basically affects her 3-D vision. Well, I didnt want to feel like I show preference to heart surgery over eye surgery, so here is a post dedicated to Ruthie's eye surgery today.

Ruthie getting her vitals in her spiffy little scrubs

The obsession over the ankle band begins....and continues until they knocked her out

Ruthie was not able to eat or drink anything when she woke up. We got her up at 8:15 and her surgery was at 11:15. If you know Ruthie, you know how she likes her food. Needless to say she doesnt do well without food, or her sippy. It was a struggle. We had to constantly distract her with whatever we could find.

This included pants on her head, blood pressure cuffs to play with...

Push her in a car with the blood pressure cuff. Anything to distract her from food.

Then the doctor comes back and puts a mark over the area they are operating on. This is to ensure her right eye gets operated on and they dont accidentally take out her appendix or amputate her left leg. This technique was a great success, since her right eye was operated on and nothing else.

Ruthie came out of anesthesia wonderfully this time! She just slept it off and woke up well. She basically slept the entire day. She did manage to wake up long enough to puke all over her car seat. Lovely.

This is what her eye looked like tonight. It is a little red and puffy, but it will be better even tomorrow. It hasnt seemed to bother her at all. She doesnt touch it very often, and only gives me a problem when I try to put her ointment in her eyes. That takes both Mark and I to achieve that goal 3 times a day.

Thanks for all the prayers and calls today! We appreciated it!


Lauren S said...

Yay! We're so glad it went well! I'm hoping for successful busted water heater surgery at the moment, but somehow it doesn't seem as exciting as eye surgery...

CapAFD said...

Prayers answered!

Cristie said...

Sweet little girls, so excited everything went well, hopefully this will be the last visit to Vsndy! Merry xmas