Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Think.....Where was the last place I put that?

That is quite possibly the most impossible statement at this point in our house. It seems that everything is being "misplaced" in our house recently. It really doesnt matter where was the last place I put something. I have to think where was the last place I saw the girls snooping around. Our most recent find was the remote control. That was missing for 2 days. You may think that we should just not be lazy, but this was the remote that switched the TV from DVD to TV mode. That means that until we found the remote, we had 2 straight days of Wiggles on the TV in the living room. I checked everywhere (I'll get to that later) and couldnt find it. Then I remembered seeing something.

Lo and behold! The remote was in the drawer with the cling wrap and aluminum foil. And it only took 2 days.

Then there were the 2 hours that I could not find their 2 sippy cups. I looked everywhere (to be explained in a moment), and no where to be found. Only when I went to go throw out an empty 12 pack container, did I find them....inside the 12 pack container. Currently I am missing a sippy cup. We are on hour 7 of it being MIA. I would like to find it before the stench leads me to its location. Or, even worse, as my sister has pointed out....if the girls find it and try to drink it.

So, "Where is looking everywhere?" you may ask. I actually have a process for this. Every night I clean up the disaster of hurricane Ruthie & Maddie. This includes finding the following:

  • 5 shapes for the cookie jar

  • 5 balls for the ball popper

  • 10 pieces of Farmer Tad Magnets

  • 10 pieces to number puzzle

  • 10 pieces to animal puzzle

The first step is to put everything up that is on the surrounding floor area, that one is obvious. Then I move on to the following:

  • under the couches

  • under their pink chairs

  • in the toy box

  • in the play hut (more mischief happens here besides eye patch pulling)

  • in all empty 12 pack containers laying around the house (It's a cheap toy...dont judge)

  • in all boxes in the dinning room (we have a small collection for some reason)

  • any bags that Maddie is carrying that day

    • any drawers or cabinets they have been playing in all day

    So far I have been able to locate all pieces except for 2 magnets of Farmer Tad. They are lost in some abyss with the sippy cup apparently. This list gets updated, almost daily. Once I locate the sippy cup and the missing farmer tad magnets, I will add that to my list of places to check daily.

    I always was a fan of scavenger hunts.

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    Nicki said...

    I thought I was the only one that searched and searched for all the toys every night. I use to count all the balls in the ball pit when we only had 100 (I am a little obsessive I know) there were 20 in every color so I knew what color was missing and would search. I too count the two sets of 8 stacking cups, 6 stacking bugs, 5 farm blocks, 2 play cell phones, 14 roll-a-round balls, etc. Glad to know I am not the only one.