Monday, February 2, 2009

Splish Splash in the Bath

Bath time with the girls has been really fun lately. They are really starting to interact more and more with each other, which I love. They are also becoming more and more creatures of habit. Their recent baths have followed the exact same pattern.

First, I put them in the tub, and Ruthie takes a few laps, froggie style, of course.

Then, they go to their corners and begin their own activities.

Maddie painstakingly lines up the duckies on the side of the tub, while Mark sings an obnoxious song about ducks quacking.

Ruthie proceeds to take all of the letters and number in the tub and stick them on the wall of the shower. (What would a bath post be without a cute bottom shot? I mean, really?)

Soon, the wall of the shower is not a good enough canvas for her to express her creativeness. So she moves on to using Maddie as a canvas.

Surprisingly, Maddie allows Ruthie to use her as a creative outlet. Ruthie sticks letters and numbers all over Maddie's front and then Maddie will even let her put them on her back, until she gets distracted.

Ever since she learned to say the word "dog", everything about the dogs is a distraction. Above, she heard the dogs barking and insisted on getting out of the tub, I am assuming to go find the dogs. In the process, ending what could have been a breathtaking work of art that Ruthie had begun on her back. The world will never get to see it, all because the dogs barked.

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Brian and Katie Whitt said...

mom is not going to like that you posted bath pictures on the internet.