Thursday, February 5, 2009


Ahhhhhh......sharing. Even better is teaching toddlers to share. One of the challenges that I face (as a parent of twins that other first time parents dont have to deal with) is this constant interaction between the two. So, despite the fact we buy 2 of everything and we divide everything equally, it just isnt enough.

Teaching these two to share has some wonderful moments, like when they actually do it. They hand an object to the other one, look at me and then start clapping. They know it is good to share, but they choose when they want to do it.

Ruthie is no saint with the sharing, but Maddie is the worst. No questions about it. Besides the screaming that is usually accompanied by the attempts at sharing (see previous pterodactyl post), she is just mean. Like, bully on the playground kind of mean.

So many times during the day I see sweet, sweet Ruthie trying to interact with Maddie. Little Miss Maddie wants nothing to do with it, unless it fits her agenda. I have no idea where she got that from. It must be Mark's side of the DNA, because that sounds nothing like me (end of sarcastic tone).

For your viewing pleasure, I have captured little Miss Madilyn Jane in her normal action. I didnt have my camera rolling, so let me set up the scene for you. It was snack time. I got out the graduate fruit snacks, and divided them evenly. Ruthie ate a couple of hers, and then proceeded to put the rest of hers all on Maddie's tray for Maddie to enjoy. Here is Maddie's cruel attempt at sharing back.

I'm very concerned that no one is going to like her in high school.


Brian and Katie Whitt said...

the sad thing is that you do the same thing to Mark with food.

Pauline said...

I love the "no" head shake! so funny

Rachel said...

That's great! Molly does the same thing... maybe she thinks she's just showing off the food rather than offering it.

Rebecca said...

That's too funny!! What a little stinker!

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

so in order to calm Jamie down from some of his anger-problems I pacify him with videos that you've posted of the girls. It was this one in which he pointed out Maddie and said her name and then did the same with Rufie. so heartwarming!