Wednesday, September 29, 2010

These are the Moments

Having twins is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I am not saying that it is easy, but I know for a fact that I get to experience so many different things than my friends that only have one baby at a time. Even those that have two kids, it is still a completely different experience. There is just something about watching these two little girls, that have been together for all but 3 minutes of their ENTIRE lives (Ruthie is 3 minutes older than Maddie). They are just a part of one another in such a neat way.

When they were younger, blogging was so much easier! I could take pictures of the cute things they were doing, the smiling, the milestones etc. Now, the things that I would LOVE to share on here are impossible to document. Primarily because I do not think I am a capable enough writer to get the full picture across of the hilarious things that they say or do. Their interactions with each other and their conversations are funnier than anything you could see on Comedy Central. Just the tone in their voice or the timing of a question or the body motions that go with what they are saying, make it impossible to have the same affect retold in words alone. Unfortunately, as soon as I pull out the video camera they either yell "CHEESE" or stop what they are doing since they see me. So, it is these rare moments that I can actually catch from sneaking around the corner of another room, that I savor. I hate to think that I wont remember some of these times like I dont remember so much of them as babies.


Kerry said...

So well said Kristen!!! That made me cry as I completely understand... This twin thing is amazing to witness and so hard to describe. I listen quietly as they giggle in the other room, tell each other stories and make up games only they is magical.

We have gone days on end without sleep, nights full of worry, cried at our own frustration and felt moments of defeat. On the flip side, there have been hours of wonderment, feelings of accomplishment (as you hoist a baby on each hip then casually walk from the room) and more joy than I ever thought possible.

But yet here I boys about to turn three. And it is even BETTER. I am witnessing on a whole new level what that *twin bond* is all about. We are lucky mamas. That is for sure. xoxo

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

did maddie actually tell ruthie - don't cry, it's a happy day? Please tell me I got them mixed up because it would be SO ironic if Maddie told Ruthie that.