Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dreams of Parents

I think any one that is a parent has dreams for what they would like their kids to accomplish. It is only natural. When we found out we were having twins, Mark was convinced we would have a soprano and an alto that could harmonize making sweet, sweet music. Most of you already know that Mark has a marvelous voice and a deep love of music. It seems as if our children have inherited the deep love of music, but not so much the voice. All though you can only see Maddie in the video, you can hear her sister "harmonizing" in the background.

I'm thinking Mark will have to find another dream for them.


sarahbethrucker said...

I think they sound beautiful!

shauna said...

That is a great video..made me smile! I don't know about a singer but maybe a Mozart or Beethoven..either way, they have definite talent! xoxo