Friday, October 2, 2009


The girls have officially had their first visit to the Disney's Magic Kingdom. We spent a week in Orlando and did Magic Kingdom on Monday and Animal Kingdom on Wednesday. I can honestly say that I could not have asked for a better trip. The girls did GREAT! We stayed in a house with my sister and her family and my mom. So, that is three 2 year olds, 1 princess obsessed 4.5 year old and 5 adults in one house. Although it sounds like a nightmare on paper, it worked out great! This post will just be Magic Kingdom, and hopefully I can get some other posts up.

You can not go to Disney without getting this classic shot. You will notice Ruthie doesnt have her glasses in any of these pictures. We didnt want to risk bringing them with the rides and all of the commotion. We would rather her run into things than pay another $250. Does that make us bad parents?

The first ride we hit was It's a Small World.

This is the first of several pictures we have of Maddie with her finger shoved up her nose.

Both of the girls really liked the ride. I considered the day a success that we made it in there and through one ride without a melt down.

Oh, look! Maddie has her finger up her nose again.

Speaking of it being a small world, look who we ran into!

We had no idea the Benders were in Disney that week also! It was great to see them, and run into them AGAIN when were in Animal Kingdom!

We really wanted to take the girls on the Dumbo ride but the line was ridiculous all day. So, we just put them on the stationary Dumbo next to the ride and pretended like we actually went on it. Why they dont have a fastpass for this ride is beyond me.

And, of course the teacups.

And what would a trip to Disney World be without the lovely princesses? I thought this was where they might freak out, but they seemed perfectly fine.

By the time they got to Belle they were a little leery of these strange women.

And, of course, what would be a visit to Disney without seeing Mickey and Minnie. I dont think they girls had ever even seen Mickey and Minnie until that day.

Little did we know the monster we were creating from this photo shoot. The girls have officially drank the Disney World kool-aid. They are hooked on Mickey and Minnie. My mother bought them stuffed animals of Mickey and Minnie along with some other figurines and they are the new hot item in this house. We are now daily watchers (and DVR'ers) of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The multi-billion dollar Disney industry has secured 2 new fans.

We of course attempted anther cousins shot. This one wasnt too bad. We are making progress each time.

We attempted a 3-D show with the girls. We lasted less than three minutes when Maddie began yelling, "No, no Ducky" to Donald. We made a quick exit after that. Interestingly enough, from that point on, every time she saw Donald she said, "No, no Ducky!"

And, they sleep....

The girls took a great nap in the stroller in the afternoon. They were just pooped! It was a great refresher for them to make it the rest of the day. I think if they hadnt been able to sleep we would not have made it as long as we did.

Besides the ridiculous heat and humidity, we could not have asked for a better visit to Disney.

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