Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let the blogging begin!

For some reason, there has been interest expressed in me having a blog. I have no idea why. Since I am a stay at home mom, with very little adult interaction, most of the postings will be about my twin daughters, Ruthie and Maddie. I really think that is all that people care about any ways, which I completely understand. They are two of the most entertaining people I personally know. I also figured that this would be a good place to post updates on Maddie when she has her open heart surgery on August 19th. I am working on a post about the history of the girls, just to bring people up to date with them. Happy blogging!

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marathonmommy said...

Yay!!! I look forward to catching up with you, Mark and the girls here!! I'll probably see more of you and the girls here than I do at church, as i seem to be busy keeping up with my 2 boys there!!!

Karen Halbert