Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The girls were so excited about their pumpkins this year. Mark was in charge of the whole pumpkin thing, as he is every year. I have no creative bone in my body. Not to mention I am not so good with a knife. Although the girls were super excited about the pumpkins, they were less excited about helping once they saw how messy the whole process was. Mark was looking forward to them getting all ooey and gooey. Apparently he has never met our children. If so much as a spec of dirt gets on my kids there is instant crying followed by screaming of "Messy! Messy!", which can only be resolved by me scrubbing them down with soap and water. Once I gave them a spoon, then they were a little more into the process.

Unfortunately, they pull out the seeds one at a time with the spoon, and Mark's patience cant handle that.

So, needless to say, Mark cleaned the pumpkins also.
Maddie was very specific that she wanted circle eyes, triangle nose and a happy face. This is what she got.

Ruthie decided she wanted triangle eyes, triangle nose and a sad face, for some reason. I am sure there are years of therapy in the future as to why she wants her pumpkin to be sad.

Getting them to both look at me and smile still proves to be impossible.

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Cristie said...

Dying laughing at the 'sad' pumpkin, hilarious!