Wednesday, October 13, 2010


What does this look like to you?

Any normal person would say wadded up paper. I here to enlighten you. These are actually "presents" made by my children. Apparently wadding up paper into a ball makes it a present because you can open it. I will admit, most of the time there is something encased in the wadded paper; crayons, figurines, plastic food, etc. So, I have had to stop and look twice before just chucking wadded up paper into the trash can since there is usually something in there.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I received approximately 20 "presents" a day. I have come to the point that when they are not looking I just unwad the paper and give it to them to start over with. I own a stationery company for cryin' out loud. I am already personally responsible for an entire forest being killed and stored in my basement for re-sale. I can not handle the additional guilt of letting my children crumple up paper for pure entertainment with no ability to at least re-sell it!


shauna said...

so sweet! I love their thoughtfulness..

I also love the upside down tiara..its just gorgeous darling! ;)

The Thomans said...

Rachel wears her tiara upside down too.

Actually, I think it might be the same tiara.

Also, my kids give me wadded-up paper "presents" too. You are not alone!